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'POWER' Home Workshop

How can I 'POWER' my way to home ownership? What is Down Payment Assistance? How much money can I get? What are the requirements to qualify for Down Payment Assistance? How can I purchase a home with as little as $1,250 of my own money?
Participate in the next free 'POWER' Home Workshop learning about Down Payment Assistance, credit repair and other vital home purchase essentials. The entire event is free without any obligations of any type.
'POWER' Home Tour

So far this year, more than 29 RVA Home Tour participants have received or reserved over $492,950 of Down Payment Assistance.

Register for the next 'POWER' Home Tour and enjoy a free, fun filled morning touring some of Richmond, Chesterfield, and Henrico's beautiful new and renovated homes that offer Down Payment Assistance allowing you to purchase a home with as little as $1,250 of your own money. It's free, we're paying for the gas!

'POWER 620' Credit Workshop

Who’s been checking you out? You may not have checked your credit score lately, but there’s a good chance someone else has if you’ve applied for an job, just about any type of insurance or for an loan.

The 'POWER' 620 Credit Workshop helps you in improving your credit score, providing free professional advice and current credit repair information. Learn exactly what to do, and what at not to do!

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